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Organic Creamy Lancashire

A smooth creamy texture, easy to eat, with a rounded flavour. This cheese has won Gold at the British Cheese Awards

Organic Crumbly Lancashire

Slightly sharper flavour than the Creamy, with a crumbly texture but remaining moist and refreshing. This cheese won silver at the British Cheese awards

Organic Mature Lancashire

A slight crumbly texture that has a well rounded flavour, a lot more depth of flavour than a creamy, which brings your taste buds alive

Organic Soft Lancashire

A unique cheese experience, when young it is soft and delicate, ideal for sweets and as it ages it firms with a slightly stronger flavour which makes it ideal for salads, starters or as a main course

Organic Smoked Lancashire Cheese

Organic Lancashire with Apple

A new mix and one of our most popular varieties. A combination never considered before but a beautiful mix of Bramley apple sauce and Lancashire cheese creates a rather smooth creamy cheese with bite

Organic Lancashire with Apricot

A classic with Stilton and Wensleydale, this popular variety is stronger but still pleasant enough to eat on its own or as part of a meal

Organic Lancashire with Black Pepper

Organic Lancashire with Chilli

Organic Lancashire with Cranberries

A firm cheese with the added sweetness of the cranberries, ideal for crackers

Organic Lancashire with Fried Onion

Unique to us, this cheese is one of our most versatile, used for cooking in pies and pasties etc., on toast and in sandwiches

Organic Lancashire with Garlic

Another good cheese for cooking, especially in sauces but can be used in salads, for the garlic lover this is a perfect mix

Organic Lancashire with Ginger

For those who like ginger this is a must have, a taste explosion that's perfect for savoury cooking as well as a sweet treat

Organic Lancashire with Marmite

Organic Lancashire with Mint

An unusual combination but popular all the same, a good cheese to put onto a cheese board for those of you that are a bit more adventurous, a good flavoured cheese and the mint creates a fresh feel in the mouth, light and refreshing

Organic Lancashire with Mustard

Seen before in some places, this mix was one of the first additive cheeses around, very popular, good for cooking with and a cheese board favourite

Organic Lancashire with Pineapple

An easier version of the cheese, pineapple and cocktail stick snack. Perfect for buffets and those with a sweet tooth

The Original Day Old Curd Cheese

Organic Lancashire Cobble Cheese

Organic Cheddar

Softer than most mass produced cheddars but still firm and flavoursome

Organic Double Gloucester

Slightly weaker than a Red Leicester, with a buttery texture, giving it a mellow and light taste

Organic Red Leicester

Firm textured cheese with an open fleck and rounded nutty flavour

Organic Wensleydale

A white, bright refreshing cheese, with a slight honey flavour

Brulee Soft Cheese

Garlic Bulb Cheese

Sheeps' Cheese

Delicate, slightly soft textured, with a clean creamy flavour, a surprise to everyone who tastes it, popular for those with high cholestoral and dairy allergy sufferers

Soft Sheeps' Cheese

Bright, white cheese, with a soft creamy texture when young, firms with age but stays creamy, ideal for slicing and cubing


Bob's Knobs

Our cheeses are available to buy online from The Sheep Milk Company